Five compelling reasons to invest at Tianhe:

  1. A huge marketing opportunity due to the global prevalence of diabetes: For instance, the total number of Americans living with diabetes will increase by 64% in 2025. Annual Medicare cost will increase by 72%, with $514 billion/year (72nd ADA report).

  1. Type 1 diabetes: Insulin is not a cure. Most conventional immune therapies have been failed over the past 25 years. Our clinical trial reveals that a single treatment with the Stem Cell Educator provides lasting reversal of autoimmunity that allows regeneration of islet b cells and improvement of metabolic control in long-standing T1D subjects.
  2. Type 2 diabetes: Currently, there are numbers of medications in the market; however, there is no safe insulin sensitizer to overcome the key issue of T2D-- insulin resistance. Our current clinical data have demonstrated that Stem Cell Educator therapy is a safe and innovative approach that produces lasting improvement in metabolic control for individuals with moderate or severe T2D.
  3. Clinical studies have demonstrated the therapeutic efficacy of Stem Cell Educator therapy in the treatment of other autoimmune diseases (Alopecia Areata, Psoriasis, and etc.).
  4. Strong scientific evidence and publications have provided the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the Stem Cell Educator therapy.
  5. Stem Cell Educator therapy becomes one of the top 3 technologies to practically cure type 1 diabetes among over 300 current clinical trials in the world. (Read more on Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance website: State of the Cure 2013).

     Current Progress of our ongoing Clinical Trials: