News & Media

1. American Diabetes Association (ADA): Re-Educating the Immune System

--Highlighted by 72nd ADA annual Scientific Sessions (Philadelphia, USA 2012).

2. American Diabetes Association (ADA): Innovative Immune Cell Re-education Technique Holds Promise for Type 1 Diabetes

3. USA Today: Novel stem cell treatment may hold promise for type 1 diabetes

4. Science Daily: Stem Cell Therapy Reverses Diabetes: Stem Cells from Cord Blood

Used to Re-Educate Diabetic's Own T Cells

5. EurekAlert: Stem cell therapy reverses diabetes by Dr Hilary Glover

6. HealthDay News: Novel Stem Cell Treatment May Hold Promise for Type 1

 DiabetesBy Serena Gordon

7. The Australian: Treatment offers diabetes sufferers hope

8. Toronto The Star: Stem cell treatment may reverse Type 1 diabetes

9. New Zealand TopNews: Stem Cell Treatment Could Cure Type 1 Diabetes

10. Press Releases in Spain: Openning up an Intrnational Multi-Center Phase II Clinical Trial of Stem Cell Educator Therapy in Spain (Spanish)