Bellur Prabhakar, PhD

Bellur Prabhakar, PhD - Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA


Dr.Prabhakar is currently Professor and Associate Dean at College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He served as Head, Department of Microbiology and Immunology at UIC for over 16 years. A very distinguished scientist, Dr. Prabhakar has been funded by the NIH continuously for the past twenty years. He has nearly 200 publications to his credit in journals including Science, Nature, New England Journal of Medicine, PNAS, and the Journal of Clinical Investigation. At the national level, he has served on the Executive Committee of the American Association of Microbiology and Immunology Chairs. He has served as a member of the National Caucus of Basic Biomedical Science Chairs that represents all the Basic Sciences Departments in the Colleges of Medicine in the United States.

Zhiguang Zhou, MD, PhD

Zhiguang Zhou, MD, PhD - Professor, Central South University, China


Dr.Zhou is Professor of Endocrinology, Secretary of CPC committee of the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University. Currently, Dr.Zhou is vice president of Chinese Diabetes Association, director of type 1 diabetes program in China, director of Diabetes Center and Institute of Metabolism and Endocrinology at Central South University in China. As Principle Investigator (PI), he has granted 39 projects focusing on diabetes (specifically on the Latent autoimmune diabetes of adults, LADA), including 7 projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 from National 863 and 973 program, 3 from the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes. He actively serves as Editor Board members for journals such as Diabetes Research Clinical Practice, Diabetes Metabolism Research & Reviews, Journal of Diabetes, Frontiers of Medicine, World Journal of Diabetes, and top 5 Chinese journals in medicine. He has over 400 publications. His works in diabetes are well-recognized in China. He has achieved 11 national- and state-level awards for his outstanding accomplishments in the field of diabetes research.

Jesus Otero, MD

Jesus Otero, MD - Professor, University of Oviedo, Spain


Dr. Otero is currently Professor and Transplant Coordinator of Asturias, Director of the Unit of Transplants, Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine, University of Oviedo in Spain. He received his doctoral degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1970, obtained his medical specialty in internal medicine in 1975 and in Intensive Care in 1977. He served as Chief of the Emergency Service of the Central Universitary Hospital of Asturias (HUCA) from 1983 to 1985. Currently, he is chief of the Intensive Care Unit of the HUCA since 1980, Transplantation Regional Coordinator of Asturias since 1990, and Director of the Transplants, Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Unit of the HUCA since 2005. He has published more than 70 scientific articles and more than 20 book chapters.

Christine M. Fernandez RN, MSN, OCN

Christine M. Fernandez RN, MSN, OCN - Former President of American Society for Apheresis, USA


Christine received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1983 at University of Evansville, School of Nursing (Evansville, Indiana, USA), and Master of Science in Nursing. She was the President American Society for Apheresis (ASFA) in 2007-2008, and the Member of the Board of Directors of ASFA in 2001 - 2009. From 2008, she was an active member for International Affairs Committee ASFA, and Past President Advisory Council. During 2006 – 2010, she served as Clinical Services Director, at North Shore University Health Systems, Kellogg Cancer Care Center (Evanston, Illinois, USA). She was responsible for all clinical operations and nursing staffs at three Kellogg sites (approximately 5000 apheresis procedures per month), as well as cellular therapy program. She provided training and instructions to nursing staffs, medical students, and resident physicians during their blood bank and heme/onc rotations. She gave lectures on Therapeutic Apheresis in Adults and Children, Stem Cell Collection and Transplant in Adults and Children. She co-authored over 30 publications.