The Third International Conference on Regenerative Medicine was held at the Vatican City.

This groundbreaking Conference gathered the world’s leading scientists in cell therapy, physicians, ethicists and leaders of faith, legislators, and philanthropists to discuss the latest cellular therapy breakthroughs in cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and rare diseases. The Pope Francis and the American Vice President Biden gave encouraging speeches respectively on the significance of cellular therapy and building up the international collaborations. Dr.Zhao presented the Phase II clinical data on the Stem Cell Educator therapy in type 1 diabetes.  

Media story:

WCBS 2 - Dr. Max Gomez - Diabetes Research Dr. Yong Zhao and Dr. Andrew Pecora (skip to 1:22)

Conference presentation:

Cellular Horizons Day 1 - Cell Therapy Research Discussion for Type 1 Diabetes (skip to 23:43)