1. Clinical Studies:

1.1 Stem Cell Educator therapy in type 1 diabetes

 1.2 Stem Cell Educator therapy in type 2 diabetes

 1.3 Invited Review articles:

2. Pre-clinical Studies in Humans:

2.1 Identification of human cord blood-derived multipotent stem cells (CB-SCs)

 2.2 First demonstrate that CB-SCs display immune modulation.

 2.3 Differentiation of CB-SCs into dopamine neurons.

 2.4 Identification of peripheral blood-derived insulin-producing cells (PB-IPC).


3. Pre-clinical Studies in Mice:

3.1 Demonstrate the reversal of type 1 diabetes by the immune modulation of CB-SCs in mice.

 3.2 Establishment of humanized immune-caused type 1 diabetic mouse model.